What to Expect When You Build with Bluerock

In order to understand what kind of experience you’re going to get when you build with Bluerock, it is important to understand the background of the company and our core values. These things permeate through every part of your project, as they are the guiding principles and foundation of the Bluerock business. Let’s start from the beginning.

Beginnings of Bluerock Builders

Dave Whitaker originally founded Bluerock Builders in 2010 during the months leading up to his graduation from Brigham Young University with a Construction Management degree. He took on various remodeling projects — a kitchen here, a bathroom there, with a basement or two in between.

2011 Kitchen Before
2011 Kitchen After

As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, he self-performed almost 100% of the work. He ran the business late at night, early in the morning, and on weekends. It was a period of growth and learning, and he always had very satisfied clients. As much fun as he was having, he knew there were a lot of things he just didn’t know about running a construction business. He knew that he didn’t know what he didn’t know, and the only way to find out was to get out and gain some additional business experience.

A Hiatus in Hawaii

In the fall of 2011, Dave took an opportunity to work for a small family-owned construction company in Hawaii. Originally, the intention was to go for a year and then return to Utah to continue building Bluerock. During that year in Hawaii, he came across an opportunity to work for a large commercial construction firm. It was an opportunity that kept him in Hawaii for an additional four years working on world-class resorts, luxury multi-family condominiums, university student housing, and more. During that time, Bluerock Builders was nothing more than a distant happy memory.

Bluerock Builders in Hawaii
Bluerock Builders in Hawaii
Bluerock Builders in Hawaii
Bluerock Builders in Hawaii
BYU HI Courtyard
BYU HI Balcony

Back to Bluerock

Through his various work assignments with that company, Dave was exposed to almost every aspect of a construction business. He gained valuable experience. After five years in the islands, he made the tough decision to return to Utah in order to complete a Master’s Degree in Construction Management. Shortly after completing the Master’s program, a series of events reignited his dream of business ownership as a residential construction contractor. Nothing lights him up more than building custom homes and transforming existing ones. This time around, he was equipped with valuable experience having worked in different industry sectors and markets. Bluerock Builders was reborn in 2018. Now, Bluerock is in a much better position to provide an exceptional and predictable building experience to all who choose to build with them.

Manila Creek Entryway
Sunny Living Room Manila Creek
Kitchen Cabinets

The Foundation of Bluerock

One of the many things that helps the new Bluerock organization consistently meet the high expectations of our clients is clearly defining what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. This is the foundation of our business. We use these statements as guiding principles to guarantee that you get the best experience possible. We refer to them regularly in order to measure our effort and ensure continual improvement.

What We Do

We help people build and improve their living space and provide an exceptional and predictable experience from start to finish.

How We Do It

  • Thoughtful planning
  • Meticulous attention to detail & quality
  • Honest, clear, and consistent communication
  • Focused budgeting and scheduling practices
  • Cultivate lasting relationships with clients, trade partners, and employees

Why We Do It

Our living environment directly impacts our quality of life in many ways. We desire to enrich people’s lives by building and improving their most important physical spaces.

What Our Clients are Saying

“We were looking for the perfect home for our family and just couldn’t find anything on the market that we loved. Then we were connected to Bluerock Builders and couldn’t be more pleased! We were able to fit in all our wants, as well as stay ahead of schedule and within budget. Bluerock Builders made our dream home a reality.


“Professional, courteous, dependable, hardworking and trustworthy. Sometimes these are hard characteristics to find in a contractor but these guys have it all. These are the people you want to come work on your home project. Give them a call — you’ll be glad you did!”


“Dave Whitaker and his team took care of us for some tenant improvements that we needed done. They did not leave a mess, were helpful with their suggestions and got the job done in a timely manner. This is an honest company that is easy to deal with. I highly recommend them!”


“I cannot recommend this company enough! Dave ALWAYS showed up when he told us he would. He kept us in the loop as the project progressed. And he did an awesome job. If you want someone you can trust, I would definitely recommend this company.”